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Access to Effective Marketing Tools is Critical for Success.

To successfully promote any product or business opportunity, being provided with the necessary tools to do so quickly is critical. The days of building a business by mailing someone a audio tape and an application form, or making 50 phone calls a day, are long gone.

While Innov8tive Nutrition provides a highly effective set of world class marketing tools, our team also has exclusive access to many other tools that enhance the effectiveness of those provided by the company.

Not only are all of these different, marketing tools provided to all the members of our team who have joined Innov8tive Nutrition as Promoters, we provide these tools at no cost whatsoever. In simple English, not only does the company give you some great tools, we provide many more additional tools TOTALLY FREE. (This website is just one example of what our team members have available to them).

CBD PatchCompany Provided Tools:

1) Website:
The official company provided website is fully personalized, very well designed, appealing and functional. You may view it by Clicking Here.

2) Videos:
The various product and opportunity videos are effective and professionally produced.

3) Conference Calls.
There are numerous daily conference calls available for our promoters to send their prospects to.

4) Social Media. There are numerous, very active Facebook groups available for our promoters and their prospects to join. There is also a wide range of advertising material suitable for use on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms already available.

5) Smart Phone App:
The days of spending all day on the phone calling prospects and then trying to explain whatever it is you are promoting are long gone. This App enables you to send invitations to visit your website or view any of our videos to anyone on your contact list. The App then notifies you when whoever you sent the invitation to takes any action. It make no difference if you have 10 or 1,000 people on your contact list, you can reach them all while sitting on your couch.

6) A Fully Functional Back Office:
The best way to describe all of the features of the company provided Back Office is simply this. It provides full and total information on all aspects of your business and your teams promotional successes. For example, if you want to know who the top 20 producers are in your team this month, the information is there for you. I have never seen a back office that even comes close to this one.

CBD PatchExclusive Additional Team Tools:

1) Team Back Office:
This is a totally different site from the company provided back office. Basically what it provides, is a single access point for all of the available training material and marketing material. We continually cherry pick the best material from the company and the Facebook groups and add it all to this site.

2) Team Conference Calls.
We currently hold a very friendly, informal Q&A call for all team members each week.

Have a question about any aspect of the products of the business? Then jump on the next call and ask it.

This call is held each Monday night at 7:00 PM (CST).

Dial: 1-857-232-0156.

PIN: 448188

3) Team Websites.
This site is just one example of the many different sites we either already provide, or are in the process of developing for our team members. Complete instructions on how to access all of those sites (that are fully personalized for you) are provided in the team back office site.

4) Team Leaders:
ALL of the great leaders in our team are Sponsors, NOT Recruiters. If you are unaware of the difference between the two, it is simply this. A Sponsor will assume the responsibility of helping those they have sponsored become successful. A recruiter, on the other hand is always busy trying to recruit someone else to provide any assistance whatsoever to those already recruited. NOTE: Any team member who cannot access answers to anything they need directly from their actual sponsor, can easily request further upline support via the team back office.

5) Building Your Business for You: Nope, NOT going to happen.
NOTHING in this industry annoys me more than seeing ads run by Recruiters who promise to build your business for you, once you have paid to join whatever over-hyped, expensive scam they happen to be promoting this month. The only thing people who run those type of ads are actually interested in is "How much money can I get this gullible person to spend today".

Our team on the other hand, WILL help you build your own business. We are committed to providing you with the tools, the training and the help you need as that is how we are continually building our own businesses.

We would love to welcome you to our team.   Click Here to return to the home page.
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