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This site does not contain any of the normal "Join us and you can earn a fortune a month for doing nothing" garbage that many other so-called opportunity sites are full of.

Instead, what is presented on this site is factual information that explains how you can take full advantage of a game changing technology that will, to put it simply, totally revolutionize the nutritional supplement industry and the income generating opportunities it currently offers.  

This video is the best possible starting point to understanding why our Innov8tive Nanotechnology Supplement Patches, are orders of magnitude more effective and easier to promote, than orally ingested traditional nutritional supplements.

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CBD Patch 
CBD Patch 
CBD Patch 
For the past 60 years, there has been no faster way to build a successful direct selling business and generate a substantial residual income than promoting Nutritional Supplements. Promoting the right supplements at the right time has, in the past, generated incomes in excess of 100K per month for many individuals.

While I personally have 35 years of experience with supplements in this industry and have built teams of tens of thousands, the duplication factor and income opportunity Innov8tive Nutrition offers, far exceeds anything I have ever seen previously.

Regardless of your prior experience in this industry, you have never been involved with anything this easy to promote or profit from. Being one of the first to effectively promote something TOTALLY Unique, with ZERO Competition is literally a license to print money.

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Virtually all 100K a month earners in this industry know that there are four critical factors required for a company to grow and enjoy long-term success and I totally agree with them all. The Products, the Compensation Plan, the Promotional Tools and having Ethical Company Management are all critical.

There is, however, actually a fifth factor that MUST also be present to fuel the explosive growth and ongoing momentum that generates multi thousand dollar monthly bonuses in a very short period of time.

That factor is "The Company Story".

Many years ago, Zig Ziglar summed up the importance of using the story, with a single sentence. "Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak".

The cold, hard fact of the matter is that without a great story, promoting anything is difficult. With a good, factual, truthful company story, however, all promotional income generating activities become a lot easier and so much more effective.

A perfect example of a highly successful story, that was responsible for building huge organizations and generating hundreds of millions of dollars of income for the promoters, was the 1990's "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" promotional tape.

While our "Wearable Nutrition" story is totally unique and far more compelling than DDDL, we also have one other huge advantage that did not exist back then.

That advantage is today's technology. Using it we are able to provide our promoters with a wide range of highly effective marketing tools that were simply not available to the promoters of the products associated with DDDL 30 years ago. Back then, promoters had to purchase copies of the tape, then give or mail them individually to their contacts. This was a very slow, time consuming and expensive process.

Today, however, you have the ability to use our technology to reach all of your contacts with the push of a button. It makes no difference whether you have 100 or 50,000 contacts, you will be able to share our story with them all from the comfort of your own home.

We have team members who are already generating multiple new sign-ups each DAY while sitting on their couch.

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What are you income goals?

Our compensation plan has no limits whatsoever on the income you can earn.

We have people in our team who are now generating enough product sales to earn more each DAY than they have ever previously earned in this industry in a MONTH.

The Innov8tive compensation plan is, like our products, very different and very Innov8tive.

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If after digesting all of this information, you do not see us as a good fit for your current situation, that is perfectly OK and we wish you good luck with whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.

If, on the other hand, you you are starting to understand just how incredible the possibilities we offer are, then we need to talk ASAP.

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