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Innov8tive Compensation Plan:

 While the complete company compensation plan document is available from this page, here are a few of the highlights.

CBD Patch1) ALL bonuses paid are based solely on the Actual Dollar Value of the product sale.
Innov8tive does not use any of the income reducing Bonus Value or Commissionable Value calculations that so many other companies routinely use to limit the amount of bonuses actually paid.

2) Rank Advancement (higher ranks earn higher bonuses) is very easy to understand and explain. While so many other companies make it extremely difficult to jump through all the rank advancement hoops contained in their compensation plans, Innov8tive has the simplest, fairest system I have ever seen.

I am sure you have seen systems where to rank advance, you must personally sponsor X number of people, who then have to do the same to reach your rank, which then pushes you to the next higher rank. Then you have to continually push your personally sponsored people to reach the next levels of rank to keep moving up yourself. Oh, and to make it even more difficult, most of these plans also have ridiculously high Group Volume requirements that each of your personally sponsored legs must obtain as well. Sound familiar?

Well, Innov8tive has none of those income limiting features whatsoever and your rank is dependent on one factor only.

What is the Dollar Amount of Your Total Team Volume.
In simple English, your number of personally sponsored promoters and their ranks is irrelevant. What is relevant is the total dollar volume of your own orders, the orders of any member of your team on any level and any retail customer orders you or any of your team members generate.

3) How Personal Qualifying Volume (QV) is Calculated. To reach the required QV each month, the value of your own personal purchases AND any Retail Customer product sales you have generated are counted toward the total needed.

There is, however, one aspect of how this total is reached, that is both very unique and very beneficial. As you advance in rank, you automatically qualify for discounts of up to 30% on your own personal purchases. This means that if you are at the 30% level and you purchase products with a stated cost of $100.00, you only actually pay $70.00. Your QV however remains at the $100.00.

CBD Patch4) How Bonuses are Paid on Discounted Product Sales.
BTW: This is something that I have NEVER seen any other company do.

As your team grows, you are going to have team members who qualify for personal purchase discounts of between 10% and 30%. So using the same $100.00 purchase example, they would only pay between $70.00 and $91.00 for their purchases.

Your bonuses, however, are NOT calculated on the amount they actually pay. They are calculated on the original $100.00 price.

In other words, at the 30% discount level, while they only pay $70.00, you earn bonuses based on $100.00 and that gives you a 30% INCREASE on the bonus you are paid for that sale.

Let's say the total actual dollar amount of product sales (with the discounts) your entire team generated this month was $21,000 and without the discount, it was $30,000.00. If the average bonus across all levels was only 10%, this feature would still pay you an extra $900.00 on that volume.

5) Compensation Plan Summation in a single sentance.

"Very fair, easy to understand and extremely lucrative".

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