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Some of the Reasons why Many Orally Ingested Supplements are now Obsolete

It is a simple fact that significant technological advances in any industry, eventually destroy the demand for competing products manufactured using earlier technology.  As an example, how interested would you be in giving up your Smart Phone and going back to a wall mounted, Rotary Dial Phone. Or dumping your Broadband Connection and going back to Dial-Up?  How about swapping your existing Motor Vehicle for a T-Model Ford?

While the answers to those questions are obvious, the information on this page, is designed to help you understand just why our "Wearable Nutrition" patches are as far ahead of Traditional Supplements, as Smart Phones are ahead of the wall mounted, Rotary Dial Phones everyone had to use 40 years ago.

Listed below are seven factors that limit the business-building efforts of all supplement promoters today and the reasons why our new Wearable Nutrition technology totally eliminates each one of them.
CBD PatchFactor 1:  Supplement usage can be confusing, and confused consumers, while they may make an initial purchase, are very unlikely to become repeat customers.

How many of these pills do I have to take?  How many times a day do I have to take them?  Do I take them with or without food?

These are all common consumer concerns that limit product sales.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  Explaining that using any of our products is as simple as placing  a 1" square patch on the body each day, is a lot less complicated.

Factor 2:  Actually having to swallow tablets and capsules or the taste of liquid products.  Quite a few consumers have a real problem swallowing many different tablets or capsules multiple times a day.  An even greater number absolutely hate the not-so-good taste of many liquid supplements.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  As there is nothing to swallow and the skin does not have any taste buds, problem solved.

Factor 3:  The supplement marketplace is a very crowded arena.  Having to convince everyone you come in contact with, that your particular product is better than 20 other almost identical products, is extremely frustrating.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  As there are NO other almost identical products incorporating this nanotechnology available in this industry, this is not an issue.

Factor 4:  The Internet.  Consumers today are much better educated shoppers than they were in the past.  Chances are that many products applicable to your market in the $50-$100 price range, have already been knocked off and are freely available on Amazon for a third of your selling price.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  Being the ONLY company with this technology, this will never be an issue.

BIG HINT:  While just telling someone everything mentioned in Factors 1, 2, 3 and 4 is very effective, doing so while SHOWING them a patch you are wearing yourself, is MUCH more effective.

CBD PatchFactor 5:  Excipients:  While this is only a significant problem for educated consumers, their numbers are increasing every day.  If you do not know what "Excipients" are, they are generally listed on product labels as "Other Ingredients".  They are the flowing agents, gelatin capsules, shellac coatings on tablets and chemical based preservatives in liquids that are required to be used during the manufacture of traditional supplements.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  Due to our exclusive nanotechnology manufacturing process, there are no excipients whatsoeverin our products.  The ONLY material in our products are the beneficial ingredients.

Factor 6:  Bioavailability (and this one is huge):  One of the greatest problems with all traditional orally ingested nutritional supplements is that the ingredients they contain have extremely low bioavailability rates.  Those rates range from as low as 10% up to a maximum of only 50%.  Swallowing a supplement that has to pass through the stomach, the intestines and then be processed by the liver is a very inefficient method of delivering the ingredients into the bloodstream.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  As our ingredients go from the patch, through the skin and directly into the bloodstream, we deliver bioavailability rates that START at 90%.

To understand just how important bioavailability rates are, let's take a quick look at CBD.

CBD products are currently the hottest selling nutritional products in both the direct selling and traditional retail industries.  While they are expensive, they are also incredibly effective for a wide range of conditions.

It is, however, a fact that orally ingested CBD products have extremely low bioavailability rates and those rates, depending on the individual using them, can be anywhere from 10% up to 40%.

As the average popular daily dosage most people are using, is 20mg (600mg per bottle), this means that only between 2mg and 8mg of CBD is actually being utilized each day.

Our CBD product achieves slightly better (sarcasm intended) delivery rates.  Our 50mg THC free CBD patch delivers over  90% of the CBD into the bloodstream.  In other words our consumers are getting a full 45mg per daily dose or 6 -12 times more utilized CBD for less than twice the cost of the 600mg bottles.

And yes, that massive useable dosage increase translates directly to better results, which then translate to extremely high repeat order rates.

CBD PatchFactor 7:  Ingredient usage by the body.  This is different from (but ties into) bioavailability.  When you ingest a supplement and it is processed through the digestive tract, ALL of the usable ingredients are available simultaneously.  Unfortunately, for a lot of common ingredients this is a very inefficient method of usage.  For example, if you take a supplement with high amounts of Vitamin C or the B Group Vitamins, when you next go to the bathroom, you will notice your urine is a bright yellow.

This is because the body cannot store water soluble vitamins or many herbal ingredients for future use.  The body uses what it can absorb immediately and excretes the rest.  Until now the only solution for this problem has been what is known as Enteric Coating which can provide a limited time-release of the ingredients.

Our Innov8tive Solution:  Our patches hold their contents in thousands of microscopic reservoirs that are heat activated by the skin and time-release into the body over a full 8 hour period.

The best way to sum up all of the advantages our nanotechnology patches have over traditional orally ingested supplements and the implications for your business building efforts and resultant income levels is simply this.

The ease of use and the beneficial results our products generate, in a very short period of time, translate directly to extremely high reorder rates far in excess of the industry average of about 30%.

To put this bluntly, unless the products you are promoting have reorder rates in excess of 80%, you are not building your business each month.  All you are actually doing, is scrambling to replace the business you lost the month before. Repeating that process every month is never going to generate a significant income level for you.

One final question, using the new technology example.

If, right now, everyone else was selling Rotary Phones and you had the opportunity to be able to offer the only Smart Phone available, would you take full advantage of the opportunity?

Well, while there are hundreds of direct sales companies selling orally ingested pills and potions today, there is exactly one company providing Wearable Nutrition.

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